Keeping a Fresher Lawn

Keeping a Fresher Lawn

The year is already a quarter gone, and that New Year’s Resolution about keeping a fresher lawn this year? That is going to have to wait. You are behind on work and normal household chores. The lawn just cannot be your priority. So, make it our priority! At Davis Kee Outdoor, we are here for every lawn need you have this year. Whether you simply need to maintain what you have or need a total overhaul, we will prioritize your fresher lawn. Let’s walk through a couple lawn scenarios to see which you identify with!

Scenario 1: Regular Maintenance

All you need is someone else to mow the lawn and edge the sidewalks. With everything on your plate, the mowing and edging gets, well, edged out! Other demands take over and your grass goes wild. We are happy to take care of the general maintenance of your lawn. Most lawns need to be mowed and edged about once a week; however, we will schedule your lawn more or less frequently depending on your personal needs. If you have spotty areas that you want us to seed while we’re there, feel free to let us know. Our team can easily provide you this upgrade in lawn care.

Scenario 2: Addressing Lawn Issues

You’re a first-time landscaping client and your lawn is a mixture of grass and weeds, rather than pure grass. You often make jokes to your friends about needing to go home and “mow the weeds.” It’s only funny because it’s true. If this is the case for you, we can diagnose your issues. Sometimes disease is a problem. Other times it’s a simple weed issue. We will apply fertilizer for your grass and weed killer for your weeds; you can keep what you want and get rid of what you don’t. After treatment, your lawn will become a plush turf for your enjoyment.

Scenario 3: Time for an Overhaul

All of the above sounds like a dream; your lawn is really more a mixture of dirt, mud, and sticks than anything else; it’s time for a total overhaul. We can prepare your soil then seed your yard or lay down sod; seed or sod depends on the conditions of your yard and your preferences. The best way to determine the most effective method is to have one of our experts visit your property; they will observe your current conditions and offer solutions.  

Whether your lawn care needs are great or small, we promise you the best service in the greater Chattanooga area.  Our team will offer you a free consultation to determine the best plan for your specific needs. We will then carry out that plan to your specifications. Our work will be done at a time that accommodates your family and your various schedules. Before long, you’ll be walking on lush grass while you check off that New Year’s resolution to keep a fresher lawn. And the year is only a quarter over. Schedule a lawn care estimate today with one of our landscaping professionals; you’ll see why we are the best of the best in Chattanooga!


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You can rely on Davis Kee Outdoors for all of your landscaping needs.  We are the “Best of the Best” landscaping choice for the greater Chattanooga area.

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"I have been a loyal customer of Davis Kee Outdoor for almost seven years now. I have received exceptional service from everyone on the staff from a beautiful green lawn that is well manicured, help with planting my new shrubs, and advice on what I can do have the best yard on the street! I know I will have lots more work in the future, and will always be a Davis Kee Outdoor customer!"
Natalie Bigger
Purple Wire
"For over six years Danny has done work for me at my personal home and, as a Realtor, at several homes I was marketing. Some of these homes were occupied while some had absentee owners, but all were complimentary of the job he does. He has proven to go above and beyond just doing a “good job.” He is very dependable, ethical and organized. Because of his work ethic, I have no hesitation referring Danny to others.."
Testimonial for Davis Kee Outdoor
Pam Gilbertson - GRI, CRS, e-Pro
Prudential Realty Center
"Danny has done much landscaping for me personally and professionally. As a Realtor, I frequently refer him to sellers to maximize their curb appeal as well as to buyers new to the area. He is always accommodating and his work is always impressive."
Testimonial for Davis Kee Outdoor
Fiona Eischeid
Keller Williams Realty-Downtown Chattanooga
"Danny Davis Key has always done and excellent job on my properties. They come in with a professional team, take care of the lawn, trim and spray, blow the sidewalks and driveways and always take care of the prized flowers in our beds."
Testimonial for Davis Kee Outdoor
Paula Tallent
Property Investor

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When you rely on Davis Kee Outdoor you can be assured of quality, timely, expert care in all areas: lawn care, landscaping, leaf removal, tree care and all outdoor maintenance services.

Quality & Excellence

When you rely on Davis Kee Outdoor you can be assured of quality, timely, expert care in all areas: lawn care, landscaping, leaf removal, tree care and all outdoor maintenance services.