Stormwater Drainage Solutions

We work to keep your property in legal compliance as well as safe from the damages from rainwater and stormwater runoff.

Drainage Solutions Include:

  • Stormwater Management & Impervious Surface Mitigation Planning
    • Eliminate issues with a thorough plan.
    • Protect your property investment.
    • Keep your property from flooding.
    • Let us plan a real solution specifically for your property.
  • Yard Drainage
    • Move dirt and build drainage solutions.
    • Install drainage pipe and clean out points.
  • French Drains and Catch Basins
    • Stop and protect structures from interior flooding.
    • Protect landscaping with proper drainage.
    • Control water flow to keep parking and walking areas safe.
  • Down Spouts Drainage and more…
    • Direct down spouts correctly.
    • Correct or Expand current drainage solutions.
    • Protect yourself from local, state and federal fines.

Let the landscaping consultants at Davis Kee Outdoor  help you with rainwater conveyance, stormwater mitigation, commercial and residential installations and modifications. Let us show you how you can save money with professional drainage solutions from Davis Kee Outdoor.

Quality & Excellence

When you rely on Davis Kee Outdoor you can be assured of quality, timely, expert care in all areas: drainage, gutter cleaning, stormwater regeneration, rainwater capture and all outdoor maintenance services.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance is an important part of professional building and residential home care. As the water collection system for your entire roof, your gutters divert the water to downspouts. Unfortunately, gutters collect more than water. Gutters can accumulate anything that ends up on your roof, including an abundance of leaves. When this debris clogs your gutters you risk:

  • Soil erosion around the foundation of your home
  • Erosion of the foundation itself
  • Sinkhole creation
  • Sagging and collapsing gutters
  • Flooding inside your home

Cleaning your gutters can be difficult and dangerous if you are not a professional. Let us maintain your gutters and prevent a gutter disaster.

Chattanooga's Certified Drainage Experts

When your drainage issues threaten your property or stormwater fines, call Davis Kee Outdoor.  We are certified TNEPSC, EPSC and have certificates of Regenerative Stormwater Conveyances for Tennessee Design, Installation and Performance Evaluation (We know how to capture rain water legally)!