At Davis Kee Outdoor, we love the holiday season. The arrival of December brings with it lots of festive celebrations, moments spent with cherished loved ones, and an overall sense of joy and anticipation. This joyful time of year, as we significantly ramp up our leaf clean up, drainage, stormwater, and winterizing services to accomodate the greatly increased holiday season activity at our client’s homes and businesses, we are also filled with a profound gratitude. First and foremost we are grateful for our employees. This includes not only our front line service team, who are most visibly out there every day delivering our services, but also our in house maintenance and repair crew, office personnel, and management. This teamwork is truly what makes our dream work.

The holidays mean that our customer’s residences and businesses are bustling with activity related to the holiday season. It is our pleasure, and distinct honor to be chosen and trusted by our customers to keep their exterior landscape and hardscape presentation clean and presentable for the benefit of all visitors. We deeply appreciate the loyalty and trust bestowed upon us by our customers, and it is our intention this holiday season and all year long to do everything in our collective powers to remain worthy of that trust and loyalty.

To all who celebrate this time of year, on behalf of our entire team, we would like to wish you the Happiest of Holiday Seasons!