Your lawn requires many things to help it grow and keep it healthy. Even when the cooler months of autumn arrive, your lawn still needs proper lawn care to ensure it can survive the winter and return thick and full in the spring. Leaf removal is vital to keeping your lawn healthy in the fall and preparing it for the winter.

Neglecting to remove dead leaves from your lawn suffocates your grass and kills it, inhibits water evaporation, and conceals dangerous pests. This is why fall leaf removal is important for your lawn here in greater Chattanooga. Davis Kee Outdoor can help. We have the tools and the professional crew to tackle leaf removal projects of any size or scope.

Leaf Removal Allows The Grass to Grow

Allowing a thick layer of leaves to accumulate across your lawn suffocates your grass by blocking its access to sunlight and air. When your grass is unable to receive proper sunlight and air, it is unable to grow. A lack of nutrients contributes to weaker grass that is less resilient and unable to fight off diseases and pests. Removing leaf clutter from your lawn ensures your grass can breathe properly and soak up the sunlight and air it needs for proper growth. Davis Kee Outdoor can remove leaves to help ensure your grass is able to grow optimally.

Leaves Hold Water & Promote Mold Growth

Your lawn needs to breathe and having access to air is pivotal for effective water evaporation. When leaves acuumulate on your lawn, they prevent water evaporation and trap moisture underneath their layer. This moisture creates the perfect environment for fungi, diseases, and mold. Mold is harmful to your lawn andcan also be harmful to your health. When you walk across the leaves on your lawn, it disturbs and kicks up mold, thus releasing mold spores into the air. Breathing in mold spores can cause respiratory and other health problems. To prevent mold growth on your lawn, vigilantly remove all leaves and keep your lawn well-maintained during the fall season. Davis Kee Outdoor can handle leaf removal professionally and efficiently so you don’t have to.

A professional leaf removal company such as Davis Kee Outdoor makes leaf removal fast and efficient, so you can keep your lawn, and your family, healthy and safe during the season.

Dangerous Pests Nest In Leaves

Your yard hosts pests. Leaf clutter that collects on top of your lawn increases the number of pests that are able to infest your yard. Snakes and spiders in particular love dark, damp places where they can seek solace and warmth A layer of wet, rotting leaves provides them with just that. This increases your risk of encountering one of these pests in your yard. To decrease your potential of running into these pests, it’s best to keep your lawn free and clear of leaves and other debris.

We are quickly approaching autumn, and soon our lawns will be covered in thousands of dead leaves. Now is the time to start thinking about leaf removal and yard cleanup services for your lawn in Chattanooga and other nearby areas. Our professional team at Davis Kee Outdoor can quickly remove any leaves or other debris from your lawn and ensure your yard is safe from dangerous pests and mold. Contact us today!


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