Autumn Lawn Care

Autumn Lawn Care: Summer can leave lawns hard and patchy even with regular summer time lawn maintenance, all those family gatherings and outdoor activities can have an effect on your lawn. Autumn is the best time to have Davis Outdoor Maintenance prepare your lawn for a strong winter and healthy spring growth.

Here are the steps we perform to prepare your lawn for the winter months to come:

  • We scratch out thatch or “scarify” thatch. Treat moss and make sure it is dead before scarifying; raking live moss spreads the problem around.
  • We Aerate your lawn in the autumn. This is easiest when the soil is moist, however, we know the different techniques for how to best aerate your lawn.
  • We apply top-dressing directly after aerating, spreading the mixture evenly over the surface. Top-dressing is usually made using 3 parts sandy loam, 6 parts horticultural sand, and 1 part peat substitute (such as composted bark or coir). We prepare a mix that is specifically designed for your lawn’s needs.
  • We work the top-dressing well into the grass and the air holes using the techniques we have learned through years of experience. To make the job easier, we sometimes allow the mixture to dry slightly before brushing it in.
  • We apply a fall lawn fertilizer at the rate for an even spread, scatter half the fertilizer in one direction and the other half at right angles to it, this keeps an even distribution of nutrients while keeping the grass safe from over fertilization.
  • If the lawn looks sparse, we seed the sparse areas with a seed type to match the rest of the lawn and use about half the amount recommended for sowing a new lawn so the new growth blends nicely with existing grass as it comes in.

It does not have to be overly expensive to have an amazing looking lawn for your residential or commercial property. Usually it simply takes a qualified landscaping company such as Davis Outdoor Solutions to perform year round maintenance at a lower monthly cost than when hired to perform overly complex rescue jobs a couple of times a year. Call us today to discuss what we can do for your lawn.

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